Why Choose US ?

Our company is made with rest and relaxation in mind. With the sheer range of destinations and superb leisure facilities and an unparalleled selection of holiday packages we customize requirements to give our customers and their families not holidays but memories. We have the exclusive rights to sell all the destinations of the world.

Customer Service: is the focal point of our organization. We relentlessly search for and create new ways to improve our service to clients.

Travel Management: we are a full service travel management company. It is ranked among the top travel agencies, serving all the leading companies. Quality of services are delivered with the financial strength, experienced teammates,advanced systems and innovations you would expect from a leader.

Technical Expertise for  Travel  Trade:  An  opportunity  to  upgrade and increase the service knowledge of the audience. A target audience from maximum number of travel companies consisting of service planning, sales, retail and senior management staff.

Responsibility: Ibaar  Travel & General Service, we provide the extra value added services that the competition can’t claim.